Our activities

Within our portfolio of products and services, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art finishing materials for your home or office space, as well as services and practical advice from our expert team that will help you in the design and practical implementation of the idea of renovation and adaptation of your residential and office space.

Building materials

Basic coatings, surface leveling tables, interior paints, decorative paints, coatings for concrete surfaces, decorative plasters, protective coatings from moisture, sealants, adhesives for all tile surfaces, facade paints, elements for thermoplastic systems, protective coatings for wood and metal and other products for finishing your residential and office space.

Auto program

Residential and business space

Our company offers you an exclusive residential and office space, in which the most modern construction and technology solutions are applied in terms of efficient thermal insulation and air conditioning. We have a solution for you to achieve the maximum percentage of energy efficiency of the residential and the business premises.

Exterior and interior design

Interior design
Complete arrangement of your residential and office space with materials from reputable manufacturers; Construction of water and electrical installations; Making of gypsum board; Coloring Your space in trend combinations as well as decorative patterns; Complete solution for you bathroom
Exterior design
Thermal insulation facade systems; Protection for heat energy up to 40%; 10 year warranty.