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Kompanija Velkoski DOO was founded in 1991 and has been successfully present for more than 20 years as one of the leading wholesalers in the segment of materials for finishing works in construction, as well as the segment of reparative products from the automotive industry since 2002.                                                                                                    The main activity of the company is import, export and materials for construction. We design projects and tips for arranging your residential and office space, construction with expert teams with a certificate for fabrication of materials, technical support and supervision, accurate selection of materials and calculation of quantities for them.
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The goal of our business strategy is to achieve growth and development, with a continuous increase in our market share in the construction business and the reparative segment of the automotive industry
At the moment, the main proceedings of our country are the sale of products and the provision of additional services, directly with our users (construction companies and authorized services from the automobile branch).
Kompanija Velkoski has 500m^2 office space and 900m^2 warehouse space. We offer 5 delivery vehicles for logistics and transport (2 specialized for the car refinish segment and 5 for the construction segment) and there are also 3 trucks (for the construction segment).
Our company is the official importer of the products from the Akzo Nobel repaired range (the Sikkens & Dyna brands) as well as other sailing brands from the refinish segment of the automotive industry: 3M, De Vilbiss, Vibac, Magnacca.